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If you made it this far, it means you are part of the 1% that realizes that they are in complete control of their life. So the question now is, where to start?

So to get you started, I have compiled the most important resources and tools that I have used to successfully build my business and my body. If you go all in, I guarantee they will work for you as well.


Here are a few articles that my fans say helped them the most in starting their business:

7 Steps to Ditching That Dead-end Job 

Everyone is an Entrepreneur

Here are some articles that people found the most helpful in enhancing their physical performance and mental productivity in order to crush it in their business:

How to Wake Up Successful

The Psychology of Weight Loss

How to Eat for More Productivity



I listened to these two audiobooks on my way to Maine and back (to NY) a while ago. All together they are about 15 hours of audio – but I credit them with turning my life from a cluster of uncertainty, into a focused freight train of success. I would highly suggest you give them a listen as soon as possible.

*Disclaimer: If you happen to buy the books through these links, I will get a commission. But it’s how I keep this site running, so don’t be shy 🙂

habitThe Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

This books presents real-life examples and studies of how our lives are driven by habit. Not only does it show you why we do the things we do, but also how we can tweak small habits for big change.

Rather than just presenting ideas – Charles Duhigg uses actual data and research that shows you how powerful habits are in shaping our lives.

We are in control of our own destiny, and with the right habits in place anyone can achieve virtually anything.

Not only that, but we can use this knowledge to prevent relapses in previous bad habits.


outwitting-the-devil-book-coverNapoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

This book was held in secret for over 70 years because of it’s radical approach to the way we are told to systematically live our lives. The presentation of Napoleon Hill’s unique perspective on how successful people think and react to life, will literally turn your life upside down.

It lets you listen to a literal interview with the hypothetical devil, which stands for the unconscious negative ‘self-talk’ that we are inundated with everyday.

If you are looking for an insight into how our minds limit us from the success that we have waiting to be tapped into, give it a listen.

These two books literally changed the way I respond to anything life throws at me. They changed the process by which I go through my day. And they have easily tripled my productivity.


**Listen to the first episode of my podcast to learn more about why I started ‘Successful and Fit’.



Hi my name is John Timmerman, I am the founder and CEO of Good Monster – a digital marketing agency specializing in driving traffic to positive brand experiences. I am a former fitness and sport performance coach. After five years of training NFL, MLB, UFC, PGA, NCAA athletes and high-powered executives, I launched my first business, an online personal training website. It skyrocketed to my brand, and my income. But that was before the recession.

Here’s my story.

John Start Here


Growing up I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged my brothers and I to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and sound nutritional habits. I remember going to school with my bagged lunch of whole wheat bread and organic peanut butter, and wanting nothing more than to have my buddy’s Ho-Ho’s and cookies [I never could get them to trade with me, hmmm, wonder why]. At the time I hated the fact that I would open the cupboard doors looking for potato chips or a Snickers, but all I could find was granola bars and oranges [which I now love and eat all the time] – Or when friends came, over and the closest thing to chips I could offer them was Triscuits. That might not sound bad at all, but to a 10 year old kid who is used to Doritos, plain Triscuits were disgusting. I grew up playing virtually every sport you can imagine:

  • I played soccer from 5 to 13
  • I snowboarded competitively from 10 to 18
  • (I was into aggressive rollerblading for a few years somewhere in here)
  • I played football in high school
  • I competed in mixed martial arts (think UFC) from 16 to 25


I loved competing and pushing myself, but when it came time to look into higher education, I wanted something that would help me reach my dream of owning a gym. I was already naturally drawn to fitness and physical performance but I knew nothing about business. This led me to looking at fitness/business hybrid majors and minors. I ended up attending State University of New York at Cortland, majoring in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) with a focus on the business of fitness. My four (and a half) years at college taught me a lot, but to be completely honest, the only thing that I learned (and retained) from the curriculum was the anatomy of the human body and how to complete tasks. The rest of what I learned was how to cure a hangover and where the hottest girls hung out. Needless to say I squeaked by college with a degree and landed an internship with Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC) in Winchester, MA.


This is where I really started learning. (Quick side note for you aspiring trainers out there: Training high school and college female athletes is the best way to learn about sport performance. Their bodies are built with high injury risks that need correcting, but their potential for improvement is staggering, mostly because they are way better at absorbing information than teenage guys). I learned so much at MBSC which landed me the Assistant Sport Performance Coach position at a place called Athletes Complete Training Source (ACTS) just outside Richmond, VA.


So after my internship I packed up and moved south. While at ACTS I was able to enhance my corrective exercise and sport performance training while working alongside a great Physical Therapist Greg Tobey and Head Strength Coach Chris Hudak. At ACTS I was lucky enough to help high school, college and professional athletes including NFL, MLB, UFC, USTA and PGA improve their athletic performance and injury prevention. While at ACTS I negotiated an agreement that allowed me to start my own personal training company within the ACTS facility. This was my first introduction to entrepreneurship and I haven’t turned back since. I began training a few area professionals early in the morning before the athletes came in. It was great – I earned some decent cash on the side and began building my business.


The real “Ah-ha” moment came when I met a gentleman named Frank, who owned a manufacturing company in the oil industry. Frank became a client of mine and changed my life forever. See Frank was an avid golfer, ex-football player and cunning business man who ran a very successful global company in the oil industry (we’re talking really big business). Frank came to me to keep him strong and healthy for golf – in fact he wanted me to understand the sport so much that he gave me clubs, golf shoes and a membership to a private golf course and golf lessons [enter my addiction to golf]. Our training sessions together were mostly focused on conversation about the human body and golf, but every once in a while, we would chat about business. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, I can tell you that because of him, I never approach business today without proper strategy and planning.


It was because of Frank, that in 2008 I launched The New Fit – one of the first online fitness training platforms. He wanted a way that I could train him while he was away on business, but email wasn’t cutting it. So I developed a website where people could pay a small monthly fee and they could select one of many training/nutrition plans targeted to their goals. The site was complete with images, videos and printable worksheets. Sounds innovative for 2008 right!? The website in addition to my offline personal training business flourished. I had a completely booked schedule with training clients, I was training athletes in the afternoons and I had about 50 people in my online programs in about 2 months. All this at 23 years old! Life was good.


Well that was all about to change. After about a year of success, somehow I was left with an expensive website and dwindling offline and online clients. Part of this was due to the impending Recession – my wealthy clients were hiding all their money under the bed and the online clients got sucked back into their lives. Even though I would like to blame the failing business on the economy, most of the failure was due to my immaturity in business. This just goes to show you that an idea alone cannot grow into a business – it must be supported by planning and constant refining. In the end I attribute it’s downfall to improper budgeting and planning. However, my efforts weren’t all lost. During this time I had taught myself all about SEO, social media, email marketing and other online marketing tactics.


After seeing a drop in sales I was feeling home-sick and was faced with the question “Do I stick it out or move back home closer to my family?”. I decided that family was the most important thing – so I moved back home to Syracuse, NY and took a personal training and assistant manager position at a weight loss and fitness facility. Weight loss was something that I hadn’t focused on exclusively so it was very interesting and inspiring for me to deal with obese clients, many of which had lost hope at a healthy lifestyle. While I enjoyed making a difference in people’s lives, I still yearned to own my own business. For this reason I went to the owners and asked them to take on a more managerial role and handle operations and marketing. After a little convincing I got the ok and began working 12-14 hour days training, planning, marketing, cleaning and performing just about every other job you could possibly do to keep a gym running smoothly. I lived at that gym for about a year.


Towards the end of 2011 I began getting burned out, plus I was getting the itch to start my own business again. So I took a step back from my management duties and started a “project” with a friend of mine, called Project Rock City. Project Rock City was a web show that featured local hotspots and why they were awesome – sort of like a travel channel show. We had two goals in mind with this project:

  1. See how many people we could meet
  2. Get our creativity out to the public

About halfway through 2012, a few of the businesses that we filmed at asked us if we would do marketing for their business. We hadn’t really thought of heading into the world of marketing, but how do you say no to a few hundred bucks? Using Jason’s talent as a videographer and my knowledge of online marketing (learned through The New Fit) we began to take on jobs filming YouTube shows, building social media communities on Facebook and Twitter and eventually building websites. We literally fell into the business of marketing, and we couldn’t be happier. Today we have a growing list of satisfied clients. We handle all video and web content production in house. We have a beautiful production studio in Syracuse, NY and business is good! I am happier than I have ever been, I am physically fitter than I ever was as a personal trainer – and I want to help you be happy, healthy and successful.

My passion is to teach, it always has been – as a trainer and as a consultant. And that’s what this website is all about; teaching you how to become fit, how to become financially free with your own business and how you can balance your life by completely wiping out your debt and replacing it with a bucket list that you can actually afford! I am pledging to dedicate my time to teaching you how to get the body you need to be healthy while growing the business you want to be happy, and living an extraordinary life.   signature

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