SAF 00: Who is John Timmerman, and What is This Podcast?

SAF 00: Who is John Timmerman, and What is This Podcast?

John Timmerman - Successful and Fit


It’s a great big world out there. And I feel like I’m not seeing enough of it. And I don’t mean in the sense that I’m not traveling enough or experiencing enough things – although I could stand to do more of that – I mean that I’m not using enough of my potential to build a great life for myself. To do what I really love to do. To make more of a difference in others lives. To feel great, to look great, to be confident that I’m headed in the right direction. Do you feel like that sometimes? Like maybe your job isn’t the right job; like maybe you aren’t paying enough attention to your health; like maybe your mind is just following the path that everyone else is traveling down – just because, well, it’s what you’re supposed to do. That doesn’t seem like anyway to live, does it? But how do you change that? How do you go from bored, unhappy, unfulfilled, unfit – to pumped, passionate, successful, fit and….happy? Well that’s what this show is all about. Enjoy 🙂

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