SAF 07 – Help People, and the Money Will Come

SAF 07 – Help People, and the Money Will Come

chris brogan, JOHN TIMMERMAN

As an entrepreneur or business professional it’s easy to get sucked into the need to seem like you’re the biggest kid on the block, so much so that we forget why people actually do business with us. People do business with other people because they like them or what they are offering. It’s often done with a simple handshake over coffee, or now a days, maybe a skype chat or an email.

My guest today is Chris Brogan, a leader in teaching entrepreneurs how to do business more effectively and thrive in today’s ever changing world. If you want to own the game that you most want to win, check out this amazing interview with Chris Brogan.

Questions I Ask Chris:

2:55 – Can you tell us a little bit about yourself personally, and maybe detail your businesses a bit?

5:04 – What was the hardest part, for you specifically, when starting and growing your brand? And how did you overcome it?

7:20 – Is there any constant platform or strategy, that you can attribute a large portion of your success to?

12:00 – What role does fitness have in your life, and how important it is to your business success?

16:06 – What should a business owner focus on over the next year to grow his/her business?

17:20 – What are you focusing on right now, right this moment to grow your business?

18:18 – How can the Successful and Fit listeners get more Chris Brogan? Where can they contact you?

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