27 Amazing Copywriting Examples(& Why They Convert Better)

27 Amazing Copywriting Examples(& Why They Convert Better)

Amazing Copywriting Examples

To most people, ads are pesky and invasive distractions. For example, not many of us can watch a YouTube video without skipping ads. And it doesn’t get better as research shows, people’s attention span online is dwindling by the day. So, for an ad to grab the attention of viewers and readers, and persuade them to buy, it must use killer copywriting tactics. In this blog post, are some incredible copywriting examples, and why they convert. 

What Are the Best Copywriting Examples?

Based on the knowledge of your audience, the best copywriting examples align the benefits of the offer to their interests. And that is why some copy is short, long, infused with humor, appealing to certain emotions, and more. But overall a brand that values good copywriting and understands the current marketing trends will win

1. Trello

Trello copy stands out for its brevity and straight to the point. It’s one of the copywriting examples that proves less can be more. It drives the message home to the customers without acting cleverly or taking them around in circles. Furthermore, the message is rendered in plain and simple language. Below is a great example of their soft nudge to try the product.


This copy works because it is delivered in simple language. Project management software is intimidating, especially to the not-so-tech-savvy. That alone can be scary to new users or users in the market for a simpler alternative. By introducing the product in your writing and demonstrating how it will solve their problems, you have their attention. 

2. Moosejaw

Edgy humor can thaw the coldness of any audience and jolt them into action. And Moosejaw knows this better than most. All of their copy has deviated from the advertising status quo to infuse humor in their copy, making their good copywriting stand out. Check out one of their examples of tongue-in-cheek copy below.


Unlike most other methods of hooking in prospects, humor can be ill-timed or misinterpreted, and fall flat on its face. So it is risky. But if well-timed and packaged, the rewards are huge. The great thing about humor is it is memorable, compared to copy in plain, bland language. 

3. Velocity Partners

As they say, the average reader has the attention span of a fly. Few marketing copywriters have realized better than the copywriters over at the Velocity partners. Their marketing materials are based on “word economy” with short sentences. The essence of this principle is to avoid inundating the prospect with more information than is required. “They like fast”….and brief. That’s on their Homepage. 

Velocity partners

This copywriting tactic makes sense. Most companies shell out lengthy and boring sales writing copy. Lengthy sales pitches work against you by blanketing the core message. In contrast, an easy, short, concise, and targeted message does it.

4. Cultivated Wit

As a brand, cultivated Wit is one great copywriting example that uses humor to align with its core business of comedy. And as they claim, they “use fun a lot on their web pages”. From their About page, and footer, to the winking logo, the brand is truly in its elements in drafting copy throughout the site. Look at their Opt-in page!

Cultivated Wit

And as we found, in other sites using humor, its strength in copywriting is to warm relations from the get-go. This makes them like your product. Most people would prefer products presented in a jovial, manner, in comparison to a cold impersonal way. And this is a copywriting example that can leave a mark in their memory.

5. innocent

Innocent the “makers of little drinks” as they refer to themselves, are successful examples of copy creators of few words. All the innocent drinks pages are interspersed with copy that is “soft” and to the point. You cannot find on their website pompous language or lengthy copywriting language. Just a few lines with the intended message as shown in the screen grab below.


Innocent is another copywriting example of a few words, going a long way. Sometimes using fewer, catchwords and phrases stick to the memory than a monologue of a lengthy copy. In contrast to plenty of texts, they have mainly incorporated graphics. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

6. ModCloth

Few of the copywriting examples we’ve featured here rival Modcloth, in appealing to human emotions. On its entire site, the choice of words provokes the prospects to envision a brilliant life, courtesy of its life-changing products. And what works better than provoking humans’ emotional desires for a better life for its customers? 

mod cloth

“Start booking those flights already”


This copy appeals to the human emotional desire to live a pleasurable, painless, self-actualized life. Clearly, that is why their website is spiced with words such as “exciting, revitalizing, and relaxed”, among other good copywriting words. That right there is great copywriting talent!

7. Cards Against Humanity

This is a typical case of creating a unique niche and relishing it. Cards Against Humanity copywriting example might strike you as rude, humorous, and friendly all rolled into one. Their entire site is sprinkled with words such as “stupid,” and “bad”, heck they even have a web page with the heading “Steal”

Cards against

Of course, this is one of the good copywriting examples that works fantastic in that kind of niche. Again, the reason is the uniqueness of the copy. It is rare to find that kind of language on most sites. They understand the needs of their customers. That is how they can draft a copy that resonates with their interests.

8. Scott’s Cheap Flight

Scott’s Cheap Flight prides itself as an authority on the matters of the aviation industry. With the pulse on the various flight charges, they know where to direct you for great flight ticket deals. “Never overpay for flights again”, is the terse advice on one of its pages. Then their call to action is a request for sign-up. 

Cheap Flight

This is one of the copywriting examples that present an image of, “your friend who has got your back”, against the aviation industry sharks.  But promising to lower your flight costs, through good copywriting, they hook you in, into a basic level with the hope of roping you into their premium membership.

9. Buffer

Buffer is a social media marketing software tool, whose copywriting example can be classified as fun and sociable. That includes fun-filled images on its about page, to their copy that portrays a company that aims to strengthen the society through its social connections. 


Their copy strikes at the core of human social needs for connections, and trusting people close to us in life. That’s why they “care about building a quality product, trusted relations with customers, and a sense of community.” Any brand that leverages the human need to have social protection through connections will work magic on its audience.

10. Give Directly

Nothing prevents a non-profit from using good copywriting techniques on its pages. And that is clearly shown by Give Directly. The brand name and its About page copy imply honesty and specificity. “It’s not a gimmick. Here is who you are directly funding.” Then the sales copy goes on to show the images of the needy people and their backgrounds. Also included is a list of frequently asked questions.

Give Directly

Surely, this is not one of the good copywriting examples that strike at the core of trustworthiness and appeal to human emotions. That is why any copy that appeals to humanitarianism will reap huge success.

11. Oatly

Oatly is an alternative milk maker, whose brand voice comes out as brush and hardcore. To use their own words, they have “pretty strong opinions” and are proud of it. Additionally, they don’t fear any backlash, as it is a “ good way to make some new friends.”,


As they rightly observed, this is a rare and unique approach to marketing. But probably that is what good copywriting is all about. They are so confident in their products, that they aren’t afraid to flaunt the qualities in a brush style. Often referred to as “anti-social proof”, the method dares to go against the grain and clicks with its audience.

12. Patagonia 

Patagonia positions itself on the foundation of eco-friendliness and social responsibility. Little wonder most of the pages are peppered with messages of conservation of energy, water, and reduction of landfills. The company claims to use only biodegradable materials, avoiding plastics, to make the world environmentally, a better place for everyone. 


This is one of the good copywriting examples that by design, exploits emotions towards nature conservation and eco-friendliness, and has worked to their advantage. The buzzword the world over is; eco-friendliness, global warming, eradication of plastic, and saving the planet. And that is how Patagonia great copywriting is killing it with its green planet-themed copy.

13. Headspace

Headspace app considers itself a global leader in mindfulness and meditation. In affirmation, theirs is one of the good copywriting examples premised on wellness, happiness, and better living. “Be kind to your mind”, goes the Homepage header that appeals to your emotional health and well-being.


This copy strategy directly addresses the prospect through action-oriented words to accomplish better life. It is one of the examples of copywriting that appeals to the innate human need for better health by using conscious action. These include motivating verbs; get, relax, find, and feel among others. Any copy that seeks to better the life for their prospects will win their hearts.

14. Schick

Like the world-renowned Dollar shave club, Schick is one of the copywriting examples whose theme is authenticity, personality, and identification with ordinary people. “Be you. No one else can.” screams the Homepage header accompanied by a “regular guy” kind of image. What follows is a text copy that extolls the value of being yourself.


This copy exploits the psychological principle of similarity in marketing. That is, “we are your guy, we understand you”. In other words, by using everyday people rather than models, the site makes the audience own it. 

15 Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap, is an Australian start-up that manufactures green-friendly toilet paper, tissue, and paper. Theirs is one of the good copywriting examples based on the need for eco-friendliness and conserving natural resources. On its homepage, they take the reader through the journey of its foundation through a captivating and humorous story.

Who gives a crap

This site combines several aspects of a winning copy; environmental conservation, humanitarianism by helping needy children, and the use of storytelling to convey their message. All three combined are tried and tested copywriting elements.

16. Twitter Billboards

Recently, Twitter has been on a billboard advertising blast campaign for a larger piece of the ads revenue pie. This happens as more businesses are turning to social media marketing. The giant social media company is adding firepower to its ad copy arsenal. And what better copywriting example than one exploiting their user-generated content? 

twitter billboards

Copywriters over at Twitter know social proof is a powerful tool in marketing. And that is how they are using “influencers” posting on the app, to inspire their audience. This adds credibility and authenticity to the copy, by associating their success with their product.

17. Lush Product Description

Convincing product descriptions is critical to grabbing the attention of e-commerce product buyers. Lush brings this out perfectly with their bath bomb product description. The company describes it colorfully creating a clear image for the reader. Thanks to this description, you can picture, ”the invigorating chill of  spearmint, tarragon, and spearmint.”


A clear description creates powerful desirable memories of the product you are marketing. Furthermore, it is one of the good copywriting examples that are short, and concise in explaining benefits, making it skimmable to readers.

18. Omsom

Vannessa and Kim Pham, the Omsom sisters’ site, make fun of cooking and recipes that scream authenticity right off the bat. And that is as it should be. Who said cooking should be dull? They create the image of your neighbors next door, preparing their meals with fun.


Theirs is one of the incredible copywriting examples with an ordinary family approach. In fact, at one point, they are referring to their followers as “Phamily”, a play on their family name. Such copy effectively strikes the psychological principle of liking. These highlights of authenticity and humility can form powerful tags in the hearts of the target audience.

19. First Round Capital

Venture capitalist First Round Capital places more emphasis on social proof and addressing objections early in its copywriting. For example on their home page and you’re greeted with the list of popular brands they have helped; “Roblox, Uber, Square, and 300 others”. 

First Round

Next, is Frequently asked questions, to address objections.

first round capital

Leveraging social proof is a great copywriting strategy. Letting the prospect into your roster of happy past clients, makes them yearn for your product or service. They ask themselves, why not me? And if there are any lingering objections, addressing them on the faq page potentially hooks in the prospect.

20. Gym It

This is another of the amazing copywriting examples that emphasize simplicity and social proof in copywriting. The Gym It,  About Us page, for example, has a short mission statement that goes straight to what you are paying for. No tricks and “added features”, commonly found in other gyms, as an excuse to hike subscription costs.

gym it

Being open with the prospect about what they are getting into when they buy your product or service, shows authenticity and honesty. Furthermore, reviews from past users add that all-important trust.

21. Bombas

Bombas the makers of socks and underwear is another great example that appeals to emotional humanitarianism by portraying a brand voice founded on social good. In fact, Bomba’s catchy copy example is all about “offering new clothes to whoever needs them.” In one of the promotions, for every clothing you purchase, they give out free similar clothing to the homeless.


Right in there is a cutthroat, copywriting couched with compassion for humankind. Any marketing copy spiced with donations to those “experiencing homelessness”, will receive empathy from your target audience. Most people are naturally eager to purchase products that advance the cause of alleviating the suffering of the less fortunate.

22. Death Wish Coffee Company

Following the unbeaten path is a good copywriting example. Death Wish Coffee Company is the copywriting example that would rather flow against the tide. Even the brand name grabs the audience’s attention. For example on their Homepage and you are presented with a “blue and buried” cuppa, a more curious beverage.

Death Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish copy are loaded with boldness, often missing in your conventional marketing. Of course, this is a risky approach as it can go wrong if not well presented. However, people love unique approaches to the presentation of products or services. If you’re ready to risk, there are immense potential rewards in conversions.

23. Chubbies

Chubbies is another good copywriting example of  “the guy next door” in marketing techniques. For example, Chubbies About Us page is all about photos and text describing ordinary people having fun while in their garments. Using words like adventure, relaxation, irreverence, and laughter, are all aimed at making the reader lose their guard.


The website copy aims to challenge conventional marketing. Unlike those clothes modeled by ripped models they claim theirs is “for every man”. That all-inclusive marketing is a clear winning formula. It casts a wide net for its products for a potentially wider reach.

24. idone This

If you are looking for other copywriting examples that would rather swim the marketing upstream, this is one of them. This task management app is not afraid to use swear words in its copy. “Get $h!+ done” is how their Homepage unique headline screams at you. Venturing deeper, you realize the headline wasn’t a mistake, but their copywriting strategy.


This is one of the good copywriting examples that use uniqueness in their marketing to challenge conventional marketing. And this style of creating marketing copy is gaining a lot of currency, especially with Generation Z, for their adventurous attitude. 

25. MailChimp

MailChimp is a great example of copywriting that focuses directly on its customers. For example, on their Opt-in page is the headline: “Grow your audience and your revenue.” This is repeated on all other pages, with prominent words such as “you”, and “your” in its text copy. 


Addressing your readers directly is any brand’s copywriting best practice. But surprisingly most copywriters lose direction in the right style of marketing. In contrast, writing in a conversational tone makes them feel like you understand them.

26. iPod

Selling benefits rather than features are the hallmark of a great example that wants to prove its mettle. And the copywriters at Apple have always scored in this one. Instead of harping about features, they emphasize the benefits. For instance, Apple’s launch of the iPod was marketed as “1000 songs in your pocket”, rather than 1Gb of data, its memory size.


The subtle difference between features and benefits is often lost on most marketers. While features might sound abstract, benefits are more perceivable. Your customers are not interested in, for example, the memory of the iPod more than how it can help them. 

27. GoPro

GoPro is a great example of a tech company that infuses confidence in its copy with the understanding of its customer’s pain points. “ The ultimate deal on the ultimate GoPro setup”. That is how this brand oozes confidence, as it introduces its Hero10 Black camera. Scrolling down the page you meet, “Hollywood in your hand”. 


All that shows confidence in their product, and they know their customers want it. It is only by having a clear knowledge of the needs of your potential customers, that you can market your products and services with confidence. Know what your clients want and they will reward you with continuous conversions.

Final Thoughts

The above examples of copywriting, demonstrate all you need is to focus on a few copywriting skills that will hook your reader. A few of them include humor, emphasizing benefits rather than features, knowing your audience, and playing on human emotional connection. Hopefully, this builds your swipe file to improve your copywriting skills.

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John Timmerman
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