#CrushingCrossfit: What is it?

#CrushingCrossfit: What is it?

john timmerman crushing crossfit

Every since I was young, I had the incessant need to challenge myself. A bigger tree to climb, a tougher sport to become good at or a higher goal for myself.

Now that I am an adult (I use that word lightly), my business is my biggest challenge yet. Balancing client satisfaction with making payroll, and everything in between, makes everyday a challenge. But even with the excitement that growing a business brings, I have never been able to shake the need to challenge myself physically.

Enter crossfit.

November 15, 2014 I joined Crossfit Syracuse, 8 years after starting my career as a strength and conditioning coach. After retiring as a human performance expert and becoming engulfed in digital marketing, I found that physical challenge in crossfit.

When I stepped into that box (crossfit speak for gym), I had one goal in mind – make the Crossfit North East Regionals within 3 years. For those of you that don’t know crossfit, that’s like a walk-on quarterback to a community college team saying he wants to make it to the NFL. Needless to say, it’s a lofty goal – but I am up for the challenge.

And I want to bring you all with me. I want you to see how I go through life balancing a growing business and all the challenges it holds, with working to become an elite athlete.

And to kick off my journey, I present to you the first episode of #CrushingCrossfit. If you have any interest in seeing what it takes to become an elite athlete while operating and growing a small business, you can find more by subscribing to my YouTube channel.


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