SAF 08 – Entrepreneurial DNA with Brendan Hufford

SAF 08 – Entrepreneurial DNA with Brendan Hufford

Brendan Hufford

Entrepreneurs have a funny way of bouncing from idea to idea. This can be an amazingly fun ride, and it can be an incredibly bumpy road, all at the same time. But why do we do it? Is it the chase for more money, more power, more freedom? I believe for many of us, it’s the rush of creating. My guest today, Brendan Hufford, is the founder of OK! Kimono’s, the host of the Entrepreneurs and Coffee podcast – oh, and he is an assistant principal at a high school. Why is he juggling all this while raising a family? Find out in this episode of the Successful and Fit Podcast.

Questions I Ask Brendan:

Give us the 2 minute journey through Brendan Hufford’s life up to this point.

Describe in detail the moment you decided to start your first business.

Tell us the toughest point during the launch of OK! Kimono’s

How do you get new customers?

Let’s talk about the new podcast a little, Entrepreneurs and Coffee. Why add one more thing?

What’s your secret to juggling businesses and brands?

What are your goals in the next year for each of your projects?

What advice would you give a young Brendan Hufford knowing what you know now?

More Brendan Hufford:

Twitter: @brendanhufford

Instagram: @thebrendanhufford


Written by
John Timmerman
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