The Littlest Things Are Huge

The Littlest Things Are Huge


For most of us, our days are filled with decisions, to-do lists, responsibilities and hobbies. Our minutes are filled to the brim with “stuff”- some of it important, some of it not-at-all.

We get so busy that the old adage “it’s the little things that count” becomes obsolete. Why? Because the moments in which the little things occur are now filled with time spent on our phones, on Instagram or Facebook.

The moments in which we used to watch our kids playing in the backyard are now spent scrolling through Facebook. The moments that used to be spent discussing and contemplating are now spent Googling and researching. We are getting satisfaction and information quicker than ever through digital media, but our observation and awareness of things around us seems to be suffering.

Personally, I try to limit my distraction from my everyday moments by my phone, but professionally I know it is the world every business person must adapt.

As the founder of Good Monster, a digital marketing agency, my business iterally is social media, but when I’m not working I try to keep my attention focused on the in-between moments that aren’t displayed on my phone.

Please don’t misunderstand this as me being against social media or cell phones. Remember, my entire business is helping companies build their brands online. This is simply one mans point of view on living the best life he can. And his “best life” involves being aware of as many of the important moments that happen through his own two eyes, not always on his iPhone screen.

Here are a few good ones from today:






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John Timmerman
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