The 80 Million User App I Am Paying Close Attention To The 80 Million User App I Am Paying Close Attention To john timmerman john timmerman

Someone once told me that being a master of strategy will ensure longterm success in your industry. But I have found that it’s the consistent day-to-day tactical moves–that align with the overall strategy–that will really get you there.

In marketing, your strategy should always be to stay relevant and trustworthy to your target audience. This is simply the only way to ensure a long-term relationship with them. But the tactics on how we do this change every single day.

It used to be TV, radio and flyers that did it. Then it moved to websites, search engine marketing and email. Now we’ve added Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the rest of the social media networks to that list.

And we certainly aren’t done adding…

If you happen to be someone in charge of brand marketing or communications for a business which is targeting millennials and younger, you absolutely need to be paying attention to the app

musical.ly_2 is a video sharing app that allows people to layer popular music tracks over videos that they make, then share them with their followers. It’s much more than that, but this is an overgeneralized description. It differentiates itself from other social media apps like Instagram or vine, and that it really gives people an opportunity to express their creative self.

If you browse the app you will see millions of teens singing, dancing, performing daily tasks and just about everything else to the beat of popular music tracks. To those of you out there over the age of 30, you might be thinking “that sounds ridiculous”–but if you have any hope of hanging in there with where the attention is, this is it folks. And if you don’t believe me, then maybe the 80 million millennial’s and teens that are using it every day should give you that hint.

So for those that want to get the attention of this demographic–to sell your snacks, your clothes, your make up, your phones, or whatever else you’re selling out there – this is a platform where you can make a big difference, in front of a big audience, before most of your competitors get there.

Frankly, it’s going to take a brand with ingenuity and guts, who goes all in on, that will start to reap huge benefits a year from now.

And for those of you out there who are doubtful, here’s a few tactical approaches to building a brand on the platform:

  1. One strategy to launch your brand would be to send your make up kit (or insert whatever you are selling)to a musical.LY influencer with 75,000 followers to do a quick make up tutorial to the most recent Ariana Grande song and speed it up so that it’s watchable in 10 seconds (One of the many features of the app).
  2. Another option is to find somebody on your team who has an outgoing personality, or potentially a musical background, and have them create regular content on behalf of your company.
  3. Another crazy idea that I really hope somebody steals from me, is to create your own song about your company. I have it recorded by somebody who can create a catchy song, then release it on Promoted on your other social media channels as well encouraging people to submit their own musically Versions of it. Strategize a little bit, and if it’s funny enough, hopefully it will go a little bit viral the app.

So there you have it, a roadmap to what will most likely be the next big app for marketers to get the attention of a younger demographic. Or at least one of them.

Now tell me this, looking back to just before Facebook or Twitter or Instagram became massive, do you wish you would have acted just a little bit sooner to build your brand on these platforms? There are thousands of brands out there that wish they did. Now is your chance with

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John Timmerman
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