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Brendan Hufford

SAF 08 – Entrepreneurial DNA with Brendan Hufford

Entrepreneurs have a funny way of bouncing from idea to idea. This can be an amazingly fun ride, and it can be an incredibly bumpy road, all at the same time. But why do we do it? Is it the chase for more money, more power, more freedom? I believe...

SAF 07 – Help People, and the Money Will Come

As an entrepreneur or business professional it’s easy to get sucked into the need to seem like you’re the biggest kid on the block, so much so that we forget why people actually do business with us. People do business with other people because...

lauren greutman

SAF 05 – Build A Business That Revolves Around Family

The Successful and Fit brand revolves around you, and how you can balance growing a business with the rest of your life. And yes, you need to have more to your life than just business – sometimes we forget that. But is it possible to juggle...

John Timmerman - Successful and Fit

SAF 00: Who is John Timmerman, and What is This Podcast?

Description It’s a great big world out there. And I feel like I’m not seeing enough of it. And I don’t mean in the sense that I’m not traveling enough or experiencing enough things – although I could stand to do more of that – I mean...

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