Who is John Timmerman?

Founder & CEO, Good Monster
Partner, GFX
Founder, Good Growth

John Timmerman is a business digital transformation expert.

Quite simply, he helps historically solid consumer brands and manufacturers build digital and e-commerce empires.

His expertise is the driving force behind transforming operations, culture, marketing, sales, and leadership to drive efficient, effective, and remarkable results in a digital age.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has built businesses across marketing,
e-commerce, and media industries.

Good Monster is an e-commerce marketing agency that helps growth-focused businesses build efficient, effective customer funnels by meeting consumers where they are, and nurturing them through a journey to purchase and post-purchase.

Over the years, one new service at a time, Good Monster has grown into a successful team of 30+ monsters servicing clients all over the world covering B2B, B2C, e-commerce, and manufacturing.


In 2020, John noticed a gap in the industry of SMBs that had a solid reputation in history manufacturing products or selling through retail outlets, but lacked sales and marketing leadership needed to develop new revenue channels to grow into the future. He launched Good Growth, a fractional CMO/CRO company to combine elite consulting and “boots on the ground“ action to help these companies initiate and execute rapid growth when they need it most.

John Timmerman co-founded NoBullX, which hosted a conference full of speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and David Meltzer who delivered actionable, valuable advice for business starters, managers, and leaders no matter where they were in their business life cycle.


You can see a recap of Gary Vaynerchuk’s talk at NoBullCON below.

John is a partner in GFX, an AR/VR creative technology company that helps organizations and brands create unique mixed-reality experiences. 

Additionally, John and his wife invest in real estate while spending as much time as possible with their two young children.