Why I Care More About Authority Than Dollars

Why I Care More About Authority Than Dollars



If I had the time, I would help anybody improve their marketing and brand value…for free.

Why? Because I’m in this game for longterm success. Sure I could get a few bucks to give them advice, but the long term equity of being the go-to source for social media marketing advice gives me leverage.

This is the same approach I take when putting out content like this blog post. It takes a ridiculous amount of understanding of how people interact with each other and make decisions on the internet in order to do what we do every day at Good Monster.

Nobody Can Do What You Do Quite Like You Do

The reason we are in business is that it is extremely difficult for 1, 2 or even 3 marketing associates to do this internally. Most brands have 1 or 2 marketing people who are just trying to keep their head afloat in the midst of annual marketing plans, website management, social media content production, graphic design, media buying, PR, video production, guerilla marketing, events…and the hundreds of other marketing disciplines that are needed to effectively grow a brand. It’s exhausting, we know.

If a brand has a graphic designer, a social media manager and a videographer, they are light years beyond most, but there are still so many places that they are lacking.

My point is that by giving away all of my secrets, I’m not afraid of people stealing our sweet sauce and running with it instead of hiring us. The long game is to show everyone we know our shit and can make them money.

Stop Being Scared and Get Out There, Right Now

I don’t care if a potential client takes our ideas and implements it themselves, in fact it’s happened a few times. But that’s fine, because when they try to implement a strategy and it doesn’t work, who are they going to turn to? Good Monster. Or if it does go well and they want to accelerate the results or can’t keep up with the work, they will come to us for help. Worst case scenario (but not really), they make it work but recommend us to a colleague when they need help.

[bctt tweet=”If you give enough value, you will eventually get it back. Just be patient.” username=”johnnytimbo”]

I am not saying we will do free work–although it might be a good long term play in the right situation–I am saying that we will tell the world how we get results. Because it’s all about brand authority, and there is no better way to build brand authority than to make sure everyone knows you are a trusted resource for them.

Basically you need to get everyone looking to you for answers and stop caring so much about making a quick buck. Identify the long term game and play it.

My suggestion: give away all of your knowledge and become the greatest resource in your industry. There are plenty of people out there not willing to put in the work you do, and they will hire you.

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John Timmerman
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